Brain Talent Profile (BTP)


How can you best use your brain’s capabilities? 

Based on robust research evaluating 1000s of leaders today, we’ve identified the 18 essential talents to create the future.  Like a smartphone app, these “Brain Apps” are tools to build effectiveness.

Which “apps” do you want to run today? The BTP is ideal for career and performance coaching, team forming, and a wide range of training & development.  What are the top talents in your team?  Are you using them?

Given that it is drawn from psychometric data, please allow us 24 hours to log your assessment. We will send you payment details and instructions to complete it online.

Download Sample Report

After you have received your BTP, you can book a coaching conversation (60 minutes) with us to explore the impact of the profile and tips for using this tool to improve your effectiveness. See coaching options.

Snapshot’s of your brain’s styles and talents to effectively use emotional + cognitive data. Six Seconds© Tools for Growth.


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