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These two distinct services both offer fresh perspectives and new ideas to unlock any engagement. We create safe spaces where people feel respected enough to share their ideas and reach meaningful conclusions. Through a skilled process of co-creation we ensure group ownership of decisions. 

facilitation services

Our professional facilitation provides purpose and clarity, engages people in productive conversations, prevents and resolves conflict, and ensures all voices are heard. 

This bespoke solution will generate forward momentum for your group. We manage small and large group process, drawing out data and insights from the group to create engagement and impact. This includes bespoke team building sessions too. 

We help you to accomplish more in less time and reach clear decisions on next steps. 


We bring a fresh external perspective to your next event, offering valuable insight, inspiring stories and engaging presentations. Below a list of popular topics to select from. We also shape new and engaging presentations to meet your event context with keynote services.

burnout and wellbeing

5 Evidence-Based Emotional Intelligence Strategies for Leaders to Rekindle the Fire

Daniel Goleman says “Ultimate wellbeing has nothing to do with what’s outside us”. Is this even possible, given the year we have faced?

Recent research unpacks what burnout is and what causes it and busts the myth: Burnout is from overwork.

  • What wellbeing really means
  • What burnout is and what causes it
  • How we can move from burnout toward wellbeing (both individual and collective wellbeing)
  • How to Respond to Employee Burnout with Emotional Intelligence: 5 Powerful Strategies to apply

Navigating Uncertainty

If you cannot go outside…go inside

We are living in a time of uncertainty and big feelings. When fear rises, we tend to get into short-term thinking. Yet it’s times of great challenge when our essence becomes clearer. How does uncertainty drive us? How can we deal with it?

  • How emotions, and emotional intelligence, help us handle uncertainty
  • Neuroscience and EQ insights to better understand uncertainty
  • How uncertainty can fuel our growth and purpose

Change Maker

Finding Momentum

The way we think about and talk about change, impacts our wellbeing. Emotions drive people, and people drive performance. If we want change to work, we need to understand the emotions that block and drive change and where our points of transition are.

Using two of your own personal change efforts, one that succeeded and one that failed, we will explore how to use the EQ muscles to succeed and create new, more helpful change stories.

  • What makes change work and how to spin the wheel 
  • From tactical to transformational change
  • Practical tips for shifting out of the Cycle of Resistance

Future Fit

Can inefficient thinking be our Superpower in 2024? 

Our most pressing issues – from innovation to ethics – turn out to be connected by the common currencies of human behavior. To meet the future, we need to upgrade our own capability in ways we may not have considered. Those who take their ‘human skills’ to the next level will be powerfully differentiated in a dynamic and demanding new market. 

Using Living Systems Logic, this session will give participants an opportunity to practice two superpowers that will ensure success in 2024. 

The Woman Within

When a woman knows her capacity for resilience

When a woman knows her capacity for resilience, she is able to overcome professional, personal and social setbacks.

How we understand and make meaning out of our life experiences – both good and bad – is complex and important. When the going gets really tough, our beliefs about these trials can help or hinder us in bouncing “back” from adversity as well as bouncing “forward” and thriving.

Carey-Lyn speaks from the heart as she shares her personal story of resilience and the six insights from this journey with practical take aways framed by current research.


Discovering Your Resilience Core

Every one of us has extraordinary possibilities

Most of us are ordinary people. However, every one of us has extraordinary possibilities and strengths.

Everyone stumbles and falls from time to time, but each of us has the capability to get back up and carry on. We call this ability to get up and get going resilience. Once we understand how to respond to challenges in life with resilience, downturns are not so overwhelming, defeating, or destructive.

Carey-Lyn will share ideas on how to strengthen your resilience core in preparation for the business year, ensuring you optimise your opportunities.

Leading Change with a Map

7 amazing facts about emotions that you should know

Organisations only really change when the people in them have changed.

Using the Six Seconds Change Map as a framework, Carey-Lyn shares the 7 amazing facts about emotions that you should know and how they can support you in navigating change –at a personal, team or organizational level.

Carey-Lyn will emphasise how leaders can help themselves and their people to support organizational change.

Strategic Direction in Action

It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it

Many strategic plans are the result of a break-away session and they remain just that. They are owned by a few and seldom gain the momentum expected. A well thought through business strategy is more than just crafting direction, it is about the ideas getting traction.

Carey-Lyn will share the learning philosophy behind strategic planning. These core beliefs about learning offer a process approach that can embed strategic direction into the daily activities of your business.

Brain Hacks for Navigating Uncertainty

Can you outsmart the negativity bias?

Ever wonder why the bad stuff sticks and why at times your staff can get so immersed in problems? Neuroscience shares that we are hardwired for this stickiness. This is really challenging for leaders at the centre of driving change.

Carey-Lyn will share the powerful impact of negativity bias when trying to get staff to embrace change and will offer a practical brain hack that you can use to get unstuck. Finding momentum and shifting from judgement to curiosity using the GPS hack.


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“I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate in the workshop, thank you Carey for taking us on a very relevant and needed adventure of reflection and inner exploration."
“We have definite clear guidelines as to where and what to do. I like the way Carey succeeded in getting us to take ownership of the strategy.”
“Thank you for your time Carey. You are a remarkable change agent!"
“Honestly believe the process was outstanding in all respects… and I have been subject to plenty of such exercises – by far the best! Preparation well done and fluent and precise facilitation of the process.”
“The Route Map strategic process certainly prepared me to make informed decisions and forced me to think deeper and be more intentional.”
"The process was absolutely amazing, well done Carey, you are a wonderful facilitator. There is so much possibility that I can live into, both in my personal life and also in driving & increasing the impact of VWCT."
"Carey’s impactful facilitation skills and strategic process have ensured Woodridge is future fit. Her ability to keep tabs on such a vast Strategic Plan is phenomenal. A true professional, she adds value and comes highly recommended in every respect."
"Thank you for an amazing session Carey. Insightful noticing my feelings in certain situations and making the active decision to shift from reacting to responding."

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