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What is Emotional Intelligence?

David Curuso says the goal is to integrate thinking and feeling to live more effectively.

And if that still leaves you wondering, then Dr. Charles Wolfe, a pioneer in the field defines it like this: “Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, use, understand, and manage your own emotions, others’ emotions, and your emotional relationship with others.”

How can I assess my EQ?

There are several instruments available to assess your EQ.

The EQI, TQEI and SEI are just three well respected instruments I work with. I choose to use the SEI assessment in developing resilient leaders as it measures the eight competencies linked to the “process framework” developed by Six Seconds. It is focused on action to support the Leadership Model of Know Yourself – Choose Yourself – Give Yourself.

Can I improve my EQ?

Many wonder if EQ is a fixed trait like IQ, or a more malleable characteristic that can be improved. The good news is that yes, with effort, you can significantly develop your EQ for the better. Emotional Intelligence involves a set of skills that can be learned and honed through increased awareness and consistent practice.

Does EQ impact my leadership journey?

Definitely. One of the most powerful ways to improve your leadership ability is by growing your emotional intelligence (EQ). Using the SEI EQ Assessment and attending our two day programme, you will be equipped to make changes that will build your leadership resilience. Add some performance coaching to assist your development plan and you can accelerate your performance.

90% of top performers are also high in emotional intelligence.*

*Data from TalentSmart, the organization behind “Emotional Intelligence 2.0,” which has conducted research with 500,000 people worldwide.

How do you help clients improve their EQ?

EQ helps clients make positive changes. Using the Six Seconds theory of change EAR (Engage – Activate – Reflect) we begin with expanding your self-knowledge. Objective assessments and feedback from colleagues are important elements, but the real power comes from gathering data about yourself that only you know – through personal reflections. Our two-day programme provides the framework for this gathering so that you get exactly what you need to make progress. We provide practical tools in the course that accelerate your path. Most of our clients also select coaching to support their efforts as they practice consistently.

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