Mila designs opportunities to transform you, your leaders and your business

We provide solutions in three core areas:


  1. Strategic Direction & Implementation
  2. Building Resilience to Navigate Change 
  3. Strengthening Emotional Intelligence & Wellbeing

Mila draws on the expertise of a team of highly competent professionals. As part of the global Six Seconds Network, Mila offers tailor-made consulting, facilitation and coaching services for you to take route and grow.

enabling strategic leadership

Have you exhausted countless hours developing strategic plans that have not been implemented? Or, are you developing a plan for the first time and not sure where to begin? You are not alone. A well-crafted strategic plan is just ONE element. Embedding strategic thinking  into the organisation is our aim. We use a seven step process that gets results. Adapted from The Drivers Model© developed by Leadership Strategies, we use The Route Map to ensure your strategy gains traction. 

Our iterative and pragmatic approach ensures leaders have clarity about what to prioritise and feel confident in making strategic decisions. Download our process that enables the full potential of tomorrow to be planned, mapped and implemented today. 

Free Download – The Route Map 

The Route Map appears linear, but we know that to be agile, the process is iterative and circular. Once we have considered the framework, we use a short, circular approach to get momentum.  


leading with resilience

 It is absolutely possible to think and act in certain ways that will make you more successful at navigating disruption. 

Carey-Lyn has developed a Resilience Programme for Navigating Disruption.  With 14 Smart Moves, the Resilience Playbook takes validated research and practical tools and combines them into actionable steps to hardwire resilience.  Carey-Lyn shares her own journey of resilience through the programme, using proven tools for you to craft your resilience story. 

Download – The 14 Smart Moves Card

We design practical and impactful interventions for you and your team. 


strengthening emotional intelligence & wellbeing

A community is a group of people who care about each other and feel they belong together. Mila uses this foundation to build buy in and momentum for your organizational changes.

Carey-Lyn offers extensive experience, supported by rich qualifications and accreditation in the field of Emotional Intelligence for success. Grounded in neuroscience, Mila interventions make these complex concepts into something meaningful and practical for the leaders of today. 

Download EI in Action Course outline.

Leaders who can create workplace communities with a shared identity see powerful changes as they unlock collaboration, sharing, support, hope, safety and so much more. This is the culture that enables strategy implementation.

Practicing Emotional Intelligence reduces conflict and encourages safe, meaningful conversations that directly impact problem solving and decision making.

Mila takes leaders through the process of change to create a workplace community where the positive power of diversity is encouraged and employees feel valued and respected.

Download our Six Seconds Change Map© that guides all our interventions and ensures you embed the new learning. 

Mila has tools to measure team effectiveness and organizational culture and offers Emotional Intelligence based programmes to increase employee engagement and drive improved team dynamics.

creating context with keynote & guest speaker services

Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address was 272 words and lasted two minutes. Keynote speeches are powerful in setting the tone for your function and delivering a core message to your guests.

The Woman Within

When a woman knows her capacity for resilience, she is able to overcome professional, personal and social setbacks.

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How we understand and make meaning out of our life experiences – both good and bad – is complex and important. When the going gets really tough, our beliefs about these trials can help or hinder us in bouncing “back” from adversity as well as bouncing “forward” and thriving.

Carey-Lyn speaks from the heart as she shares her personal story of resilience and the six insights from this journey with practical take aways framed by current research.

Discovering Your Resilience Core

Most of us are ordinary people. However, every one of us has extraordinary possibilities and strengths.

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Everyone stumbles and falls from time to time, but each of us has the capability to get back up and carry on. We call this ability to get up and get going resilience. Once we understand how to respond to challenges in life with resilience, downturns are not so overwhelming, defeating, or destructive.

Carey-Lyn Kurten will share ideas on how to strengthen your resilience core in preparation for the business year, ensuring you optimise your opportunities.

Future Fit In An AI World

Can inefficient thinking be our superpower in 2024?

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Our most interesting issues – from innovation to ethics – turn out to be connected by the common currencies of human behaviour. To meet the future in a world of artificial intelligence, we need to upgrade our own capability in ways we may not have considered. Those who take their ‘human skills’ to the next level will be powerfully differentiated in a dynamic and demanding new world of AI. Using Living Systems Logic, this session will give participants an opportunity to practice two superpowers that will ensure success in 2024.

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago”
Warren Buffett

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