Strengthening Emotional Intelligence & Wellbeing

“Being smarter with feelings” – Josh Freedman, Six Seconds

the why

The development of emotional intelligence contributes to four essential life outcomes: wellbeing, effectiveness, relationships and quality of life.

Who needs these? We all do. Across countries & cultures and gender & generations, and all through time, these are the universal success factors. The Six Seconds SEI research (our chosen EQ Assessment) shows a strong and substantial correlation between scores on the EQ and scores in these outcomes.

If you want to raise your capacity in any of these four:

Optimal energy and functioning (wellbeing)

Balance and satisfaction (quality of life)

Build and maintain networks (relationships)

Generate results (effectiveness)

then you have landed on the right page. Each of these life outcomes starts with three pursuits.

the how

We use the Six Seconds Model of EQ to move theory into practice with three pursuits: Know Yourself, Choose Yourself, Give Yourself. We have structured all our interventions around this transformational approach. 

Our engaging programmes develop the foundational self awareness and form the roots for your growth…iya Mila…take route. The journey starts with our programmes. Once you have embedded the roots, we offer individual and group coaching packages specifically for those who believe that personal growth is a continuous process.

the what

Our extensive experience is supported by rich qualifications and accreditation in the field of Emotional Intelligence for success. 

Grounded in neuroscience, Mila interventions make these complex concepts into something meaningful and practical for leaders. Our programmes can be tailored to your business needs, but below are some of our popular training programmes.


Find out more about our Professional Development offerings and customisation options available for your organisation.

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