Weaving The Threads Together – Resiliency Coaching Conversation

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Sometimes it feels as though our world is unraveling… as through a thread has been pulled and before our eyes our beautifully woven rug is disappearing. You are not alone.

We all face adversity. It comes in many shapes and sizes and sometimes it feels like our world is unravelling. The Navajo weave an imperfection into every beautiful rug created as they believe that it is through the blemish that the spirit can enter or leave the rug… and this creates the beauty.

Through a series of coaching conversations you will intentionally take the intricate and interconnected threads to weave and create a new and beautiful story that resonates with you.

What you can expect:

  • Feel seen and heard in a safe space of caring support
  • A balance of intuitive coaching with evidence-based techniques
  • To explore your existing resilience strategies
  • Guidance through emotional processing of what’s coming up for you
  • Clarity about which path to take & confidence to take it
  • To take actionable steps on your path to optimal healing and resilience
Categories: EQ Coaching

Initial consultation followed by TWELVE (weekly or fortnightly) sessions over a three month period. Each session is a coaching conversation that when woven together will create a rich and authentic narrative for you. There are seven coaching conversations over the twelve sessions.

  1. Threads of Experience
  2. Intentional Design
  3. Choices and Patterns
  4. Skill and Patience
  5. Adaptability
  6. Personal Expression
  7. Your Woven Rug

Downloadable tools and templates, Initial consulting conversation, The Resilience Quiz


12 x 70 minute fortnightly or weekly online coaching calls


1:1 online coaching calls


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