EQ Growth Journey

R7 200 (Includes NBI Profile @R1100) 

Change is inevitable. Growth is intentional.

Commit to six sessions where you intentionally choose to show up for yourself in a whole new way. Tap into your courage, creativity and strength so you can bring your best self to the world.

The sessions give you an opportunity to clarify what your intentions are, what blocks you and how to navigate this. You will receive a complementary Thinking Preference Profile to jump start your EQ Growth Journey.

What you can expect:

  • Guidance, accountability and support
  • A safe space to reflect and share feelings
  • Personally tailored tips & practice suggestions
  • An NBI Thinking Preference Profile
Categories: EQ Coaching

Investing in yourself results in you feeling more grounded and confident. Developing greater self-awareness results in making more conscious life choices.

After purchasing your package, we will email you a Current Snapshot Form. This just has some question prompts that get you thinking about what you want to achieve through the sessions. We will include a link to complete the NBI Thinking Preference Profile.

Initial consultation followed by SIX (weekly or fortnightly) sessions over a two month period.


6 x 70 minute online coaching calls – schedule weekly or fortnightly

Method of Delivery

NBI Profile valued at R1000


1:1 online coaching calls

  1. Dr Amy Long

    The sessions with Carey were invaluable. Her accountability-driven approach builds self-awareness and allows you to grow in unexpected ways. I consider this type of course essential to senior managers and professionals alike.

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