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“We have definite clear guidelines as to where and what to do. I like the way Carey succeeded in getting us to take ownership of the strategy.”
“The Route Map strategic process certainly prepared me to make informed decisions and forced me to think deeper and be more intentional.”
"Thank you for an amazing session Carey. Insightful noticing my feelings in certain situations and making the active decision to shift from reacting to responding."
“I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate in the workshop, thank you Carey for taking us on a very relevant and needed adventure of reflection and inner exploration."
“Honestly believe the process was outstanding in all respects… and I have been subject to plenty of such exercises – by far the best! Preparation well done and fluent and precise facilitation of the process.”
"Carey’s impactful facilitation skills and strategic process have ensured Woodridge is future fit. Her ability to keep tabs on such a vast Strategic Plan is phenomenal. A true professional, she adds value and comes highly recommended in every respect."
“Thank you for your time Carey. You are a remarkable change agent!"
"The process was absolutely amazing, well done Carey, you are a wonderful facilitator. There is so much possibility that I can live into, both in my personal life and also in driving & increasing the impact of VWCT."

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