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We create the space for senior leaders to think and act more strategically. In addition, we know that being a future fit school runs deeper than just a well crafted strategy, so we strengthen teachers’ wellbeing & resilience with validated Emotional Intelligence practices.

 With a unique combination of educational and business strategic experience, we offer insight and facilitation skills in three core areas to deepen your impact: 

  1. Strategic Direction & Implementation
  2. Building Resilience to Navigate Change
  3. Strengthening EQ & Wellbeing

We start with your needs and customise an intervention. Click below to see our 2024 Future Fit Staff Development sessions. As an Associate Member of ISASA our delivery modes include interactive-online, in-the-room, webinars & keynotes.  Certificate of Membership

25 years of experience in Education, Accelerated Learning and Navigating Change.

We support schools to thrive with emotional intelligence. Using globally accredited tools to deliver professional development that strengthens faculty and staff wellbeing, reducing burnout and creating a sustainable environment to impact student success.

As an internationally accredited EQ Practitioner and Assessor, Carey-Lyn creates spaces where educators feel safe and respected enough to share their ideas and reach solutions together.

The Route Map – Our School Strategy process is designed specifically for schools who prioritise the future.  Our iterative and pragmatic approach ensures leaders have clarity about what to prioritise and feel confident in making strategic decisions.

The WHAT – Adapted from The Drivers Model© framework for strategy development. This enables blue sky thinking while at the same time driving your school towards a plan that focuses on action.

The HOW – Our unique learning philosophy is at the heart of success. It is the mindset required to shape your new future.  

We use the Change Map© learning methodology that resonates with educators who want to accelerate change.  This tool can also be applied in the classroom to accelerate learning. This practical little wheel ensures your get momentum &  embed change initiatives.  

The Resilience Playbook for Schools is a programme developed as a bespoke solution for educator wellbeing. A selection of Smart Moves and easy to learn skills that when practiced daily, strengthen resilience. It includes hands-on tools that can also be implemented in the classroom.  

SACE Accredited Programmes:

  • Burnout and Wellbeing (10pts)
  • Mastering Motivation for Resilient Teachers (10pts)
  • Emotional Intelligence for Professional Success – Leading Schools from the Inside Out (15 pts)
  • Crazy Crocs – Building Staff Morale (10pts) 
  • Mastering Conflict & Communicating with Stakeholders (5pts)

 Additional Services:

  • Brain Hacks for Navigating Uncertainty
  • The Resilient Classroom Checklist
  • Resilience Playbook for Educators 
  • Staff Wellbeing Audit
  • Strategic Mentorship & Coaching  
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making Tools for Teenagers 
  • Navigating Change Webinar – Insights into Resilience Barriers
  • You can book a Power Hour session – an online consultation

Client Comments

Carey’s impactful facilitation skills and strategic process have ensured Woodridge is future fit.  Her ability to keep tabs on such a vast Strategic Plan is phenomenal. A true professional, she adds value and comes highly recommended in every respect.  

Andrea Puggia – Director PWC and Chairperson Woodridge Trust 

Client Comments

The process was absolutely amazing, well done Carey, you are a wonderful facilitator. There is so much possibility that I can live into, both in my personal life and also in driving & increasing the impact of VWCT.

Nonkqubela Maliza – Director – Volkswagen SA

Recent Projects

Strategic Direction Project – Merrifield College & Preparatory School

Scope included gathering stakeholder data through parent surveys, interactive workshops and small group discussions; facilitation of process with school board & management team; templates and action planning; strategy review. Letter of Endorsement

Stories of Possibility Project – Volkswagen Community Trust

Scope includes facilitation of interactive workshops to generate new possibilities to raise VWCT’s  impact in the community;  the identification of key strategic goals; facilitation of key results areas and measures with templates

Strategic Direction Project – Woodridge College & Preparatory School

Scope includes stakeholder engagement; data collection; thought leader series; methodology; project framework; interactive workshops, process documents & templates; implementation plans and quarterly goal driver oversite; review. Letter of Endorsement.


“Thank you for your time Carey-Lyn. You are a remarkable change agent!”

Petra Gentz  – Deputy Head Academics

DSG Grahamstown

“Honestly believe the process was outstanding in all respects… and I have been subject to plenty of such exercises – by far the best! Preparation well done and fluent and precise facilitation of the process.”

Dave Emslie – Business Development Manager

Woodridge College & Preparatory

The Route Map strategic process certainly prepared me to make informed decisions and forced me to think deeper and be more intentional.

Cliff Reed – Deputy

Woodridge College & Preparatory

We have definite clear guidelines as to where and what to do. I like the way Carey succeeded in getting us to take ownership of the strategy.

Trevor Von Berg – Principal  

Woodridge College & Preparatory

I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate in the workshop, thank you Carey for taking us on a very relevant and needed adventure of reflection and inner exploration.

Matthew Bousfield – Teacher

Lilyfontein School

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