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We create the space for senior leaders to think and act more strategically. In addition, we know that being a future fit school runs deeper than just a well-crafted strategy, so we strengthen teachers’ wellbeing & resilience with validated Emotional Intelligence practices to ensure you can deliver on your core business – to impact student learning.

We turn strategy into action

strategic direction & implementation

Many school strategic plans are the result of a break-away session and they remain just that. They are owned by a few and seldom gain the momentum expected. A well thought through business strategy is more than just crafting direction, it is about the ideas gaining traction.

the how

Our core strategic learning philosophy is at the heart of your success. It is the mindset required to shape your new future. 

Our core beliefs about learning offer a process approach that can embed strategic direction into the daily activities of your school. We believe there are eight key principles that underpin your success. The actions that result from these beliefs form our approach and will guide you in creating the mindset to embed your strategy. A school is a learning organisation, why should we approach strategy implementation any differently? 

the what

There are no two school strategic direction interventions that are alike. Every school’s strategy takes a unique path, but we use a well validated, structured framework to guide you as we establish the project scope and agree the process. 

Our iterative and pragmatic approach ensures leaders have clarity about what to prioritise and feel confident in making strategic decisions.

the route

a 7 step process

A simple, scalable process approach adapted from The Drivers Model specifically for schools.

the route map

a comprehensive excel template

This tool is used to capture the thinking, monitor milestones and communicate your goals. Schools take ownership of the template and shape it into an action plan that is a working document. Includes quarterly snapshot of progress for feedback. Creates clarity and accountability for milestones. Includes Six Seconds

the change map

turn your strategy into action faster

Turn your strategy into action faster with our cyclical change approach.

In shaping the future, you have taken the initiative and essentially become an agent of change. You are creating a future that you have crafted with your team. Now you will need to gain momentum and embed the change initiatives required to realise your strategy.

The Change Map

We use the Six Seconds Change Map© methodology that resonates with educators who want to accelerate change. This practical little wheel ensures your strategy gains traction to impact learning outcomes​.

the next steps

high impact consultation

Investment: ZAR 1 950​

  • 1:1 online high impact interview to create your school’s Strategic Mindset Checklist​ (70 minutes)
  • This Strategic Conversation will result in a bespoke checklist for your school to evaluate current and future strategic processes ​
  • Includes a copy of Strategic Mindset Framework shared at the World Education Summit 2024​
  • Recording of Zoom call for further discussion with school management team or board ​

Investment: ZAR 1 950​

let's talk

Strategic Mentorship for Principals

Investment: ZAR 9 800 for Full package

  • Five 1:1 online Strategic Discussion ​sessions (70 minutes each)
  • SEI Leading Through Change Assessment and practical implications for you 
  • Strategic planning & implementation can be a lonely journey for a school Principal. You are not alone. These highly engaging sessions give you a neutral platorm to discuss your hopes and fears for the process you are embarking on.  
  • We will…​
    • Unlock your barriers, concerns and vulnerabilities to find next steps ​
    • Use your SEI Leading Through Change Results Assessment results to raise your impact
    • Explore your hopes for the process and share practical tips and tricks ​
    • Use The Change Map© to find points of leverage to move your strategy forward ​
    • Using the Zoom platform, booked online ​
  • Includes:​
    • Strategic Mindset Framework shared at the World Education Summit 2024​
    • The Change Map© from Six Seconds ​
    • SEI Leading Through Change Assessment for Whole-hearted Leaders ​valued at ZAR 2 400

Investment: ZAR 9 800 for package of  5 sessions, includes Leading Through Change assessment valued at ZAR 2 400

let's talk

Strategic Planning Projects

free 30 minute consultation

Every school in unique. ​

Setup a free 30 minute consultation to share your schools strategic needs and we can develop a proposal to support your strategic planning and implementation. ​

let's talk
“The Route Map strategic process certainly prepared me to make informed decisions and forced me to think deeper and be more intentional.”
“Thank you for your time Carey. You are a remarkable change agent!"
"Thank you for an amazing session Carey. Insightful noticing my feelings in certain situations and making the active decision to shift from reacting to responding."
“I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate in the workshop, thank you Carey for taking us on a very relevant and needed adventure of reflection and inner exploration."
“We have definite clear guidelines as to where and what to do. I like the way Carey succeeded in getting us to take ownership of the strategy.”
“Honestly believe the process was outstanding in all respects… and I have been subject to plenty of such exercises – by far the best! Preparation well done and fluent and precise facilitation of the process.”
"Carey’s impactful facilitation skills and strategic process have ensured Woodridge is future fit. Her ability to keep tabs on such a vast Strategic Plan is phenomenal. A true professional, she adds value and comes highly recommended in every respect."
"The process was absolutely amazing, well done Carey, you are a wonderful facilitator. There is so much possibility that I can live into, both in my personal life and also in driving & increasing the impact of VWCT."

A unique combination of business & educational strategic experience

A partner to walk the journey with you

Tools for gathering data and templates for managing process

Structured facilitation and valuable expertise & experience

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