Problem Solving and Decision Making Tools for Teenagers

How do teenagers make decisions and solve problems? Many with great difficulty. Even into adulthood, decision making and problem solving can be extremely challenging without the tools to structure your thinking. Teens and young adults want to be able to problem-solve on their own. This is an important step in their independence. Unless we give them the tools to think independently they might not be able to make positive choices and this in turn impacts their self esteem.
This programme has been designed to give teens the problem-solving tools available to adults. With this insight, teens can take complex problems and unpack them. By making visual the complexities, they learn how to zoom out and find next steps.

We run two programmes: One that is designed to work directly with teenagers to empower them to make well thought through choices, and the second is designed specifically for a group of adults working on supporting teenagers to improve their decision making and problem solving.

The programme outline includes:

  • How we are wired for poor decisions
  • The problem solving mindset
  • Adaptive competencies
  • The role of emotions in decision making
  • Unpacking divergent and convergent thinking
  • Establishing root cause
  • Applying consequential thinking (ACT)
  • Owning our struggle

1 Day

Method of Delivery

In-the-room Facilitation, Interactive online


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