Organisational Change Readiness Assessment

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If you are embarking on an organisational change, then take a snapshot of your staff readiness for the change. This snapshot will ensure you have the data you need to plan effectively.

Readiness will be measured along three main dimensions: understanding of the case for change, willingness to change, and capability to change. The questionnaire should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete.

Read more about this toolkit below and contact us to discuss how you can use this in your organisation.

The questionnaire is online and anonymous, so the answers cannot be traced back to individuals. The only detail asked for is the role – whether the participant is a manager or a staff member.

The framework used for the assessment has been informed by the Vital Smarts Six Source Model. Research on successful change initiatives reveals that there are six sources of influence you can use to ensure your success. At least four of the six sources must be present for a change to be successful.

For this reason, the assessment questions have been divided into these three categories (Personal, Social and Structural) and an additional one called The Case for Change.


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