Navigating Disruption – Resilience Playbook

Resilience is not something you have, it is something you DO.

Our easy-to-action tools, when repeated in your personal and professional life, hardwire the essential resilience habits that strengthen your capacity to master adversity.

Disruptors come in many forms and each of us navigates a different set of challenges, yet there is a universal set of well researched tools and techniques that can enhance your capacity for resilience when faced with adversity. We have developed a Resilience Playbook that can be embedded into your organisational culture. Train your teams to think and act in ways that deliver results in times of uncertainty.

  • Boost emotional strength and determination
  • Stimulate clear rational thinking
  • Reduce anxiety and stress
  • Refuel your energy tank
  • Recover quickly from setbacks
  • Focus on what matters
  • Replace anxiety with anticipation
  • Take control in the chaos

This product contains 12 Smart Moves that comprise your organisation’s Resilience Playbook. The stories and examples in the course bring this Playbook to life. Your commitment to practicing the Smart Moves, both individually and in your teams, will determine your success.

What is a Playbook?
The term Playbook is used in sports where everyone in the team has to know exactly what the strategies (plays or moves) are, and at which moment to use them in order to be successful. In business, as in sports, it is important to be prepared. A playbook in business is used to reflect a plan. This Resilience PLaybook aims to shape your business daily, weekly and monthly. Resilience is not something you have or don’t have but something you DO. It involves action.

How is it structured?
Each Smart Move is structured in the same way, consisting of an action, that when repeated in your personal and professional life, will strengthen your capacity for resilience. The background story and resources for each Smart Move are shared in the course. There is a Resource Page that includes all the course material links and suggested additional research and readings.

Each Smart Move is represented by an icon followed by an action. The benefit is exponential when each person in your team knows the Smart Moves and when to use them. A shared language of resilience is critical when building a resilient culture. You can add depth by completing your Brain Talent Profile and a Leading Through Change Assessment. These assessments complement the material and will further assist you in tapping into your strengths and building capacity.


16 hours


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