Leading Change – Building Buy-in and Momentum

This is a bespoke solution to accelerate any change you are driving in your business. We all need the skills to respond to the shift in expectations that change brings. Our relevance depends on it. When our teams are not responding fast enough we use the 3F’s (fear, force and facts) and they motivate people to protect and resist. Change gets stuck in the cycle of resistance. In this session we explore the assumptions made about change and we offer you the tools to gain momentum. By the end of the session, your team will be well equipped with a common language to drive any change forward.

Participants unpack the simple yet powerful Change MAP© tool in their own lives and consider the role they play in blocking or accelerating their own changes. Then we apply the insights to changes that arise at work. Participant identify and commit to an action that will unlock a current change. By the end of the session, your whole staff will have a shared language and shared tool that you can use to gain momentum during change. The Change Map© is a Six Seconds tool developed by Joshua Freedman.



2 days

  1. Dr Amy Long

    Highly recommend this course and Carey as the facilitator. Such deep insight and emotional intelligence which allows you to explore change implementation and barriers, in a safe way to move your team from one place to another.

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