Inclusion & Belonging

Inclusion and belonging is everyone’s responsibility, but leaders set the tone for inclusivity. Inviting and valuing different perspectives creates a feeling of connection and it is tangible. Holding a space for different perspectives and building on the contributions of others is a choice. It demands a high level of competency, authenticity, empathy and resilience. Move the needle towards a more inclusive world with our practical tools that cover the DE&I core competencies. The eight modules in this series are one hour each.

These eight modules form the framework of the eight essential Inclusion and Belonging conversations. They form a sequence that unpacks the layers, like the layers of an onion. Each session of one hour, takes you a little deeper into your core. These modules can be an individual journey, or used as an interactive online programme for a team. A Workplace Poll is an optional for those completing as teams.

1. Doing Human Better – The DEI Mindset
2. Meaning Making – Our Socially Constructed Reality
3. The Bias Code – Mastering Fairness in Thought
4. Unravelling Common Myths – Deconstructing Stereotypes
5. The Responsibility of Privilege – Dismantling Systemic Barriers
6. The Empathy Edge – Cultivating Compassion in a Connected World
7. The Danger of a Single Story – Shaping the Future
8. Inclusive Insights – Becoming an Inclusive Person (SCARF and FLEX in action)

Method of Delivery

In-the-room, Interactive online, On-demand


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