EQ In Action – Raise Your Impact

Organizations utilizing the wisdom of Emotional Intelligence are improving their bottom line in long-term sustainable ways. Understanding the impact of your actions and reactions forms the core to leadership performance. Being smarter with feelings can directly translate into a shift in behaviour when you have practical, in the moment tools to use.

EQ in Action is a foundational course for every individual who wants to raise their impact. In this engaging session you will…

  • Apply the core EI competencies for achieving results.
  • Develop greater self awareness and strengthen your leadership in order to influence your team
  • Increase your personal resilience in adverse situations
  • Apply skills that promote trust, motivation and cooperation with clients and colleagues
  • Respond to difficult people by fostering respect and reducing conflict “

  1. Debbie Westerberg

    Carey gets to the heart of the issue by carefully structuring training around your needs as a business.
    Very impactful and eye-opening!
    Our group connected with one another in a way that I thought was not possible. The EQ training forces you to look at yourself, and what you bring to the table or “show up” and how it impacts others, both in a professional manner, and in your personal lives.
    10/10 from me 🙂

  2. Mercedes Edwards

    What an enlightening experience! #people are awesome

  3. Strydom van Dyk

    Great experience. What a privilege. Thank you.

  4. Leon Greeff – EL Golf Club

    Thanks for the great experience it was an eye opener for me to see how feelings and behaviour work together. How to balance yourself out in the workplace and at home with a strong relationship and good decision making skills and emotional wellbeing is very important. Thanks Carey, the training was a really helpful.

  5. Angela

    Many folk that have been in the work force for a longer time have been subject to rules such as: no place for emotions at work; if you have a problem just suck it up, keep your work life and your private life separate, etc. It is very interesting to note the benefits to both individuals AND companies when Emotional Intelligence is applied. Every single person can benefit from this course. It can be applied to every facet of life, regardless of whether you are an employee or not. It is a pity that these skills are not taught at school level as they form the foundation of well-balanced, productive and thriving individuals.

  6. Janice Jamieson

    When we were informed that we would be attending an EQ training session over a couple of days. My first thoughts were “I don’t have time for this; and it sounds boring”. Well, I was completely wrong! Carey equipped our team with the tools and knowledge to harness and manage our own emotions and also to recognise the emotions of others; be it our work colleagues, family, friends or even strangers. I am personally changing little by little and feel enriched for having had the opportunity to have attended this training course. Thank you Carey!

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