EQ Expansion Pack (Choose Self)

People who develop their emotional intelligence communicate more effectively, handle stress and conflict productively, are better team players and are able to navigate change. EQ Expansion Pack builds on EQ Essentials offering tools for improving decision making, increasing optimism and tapping into intrinsic motivation to achieve positive results.

This themed package consists of short modules, each developing a core competency and giving you an actionable tool to practice the competency. Build your own programme by selecting from the short engaging sessions below. ​

1. Act Intentionally – Optimal Response

  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Tool: ACT  (Apply Consequential Thinking)

Evaluating the costs and benefits of your choices reduces your chances of regret. We use the process of Consequential Thinking to ensure you can manage your impulses and act intentionally. This process will allow you to identify the response that is optimal for yourself and others.

2. Open to Possibility – The Three P barriers and TIE mindset

  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Tool: Three Bridges

Colin Powell said “Optimism is a force multiplier”. The work of optimism can open up possibilities for each of us. We use the metaphor of three bridges to explore the barriers to resilience and then show you how to cross the three bridges through exercising optimism.

3. Carrots, Sticks & Kyber Crystals – We All Have a Lightsaber

  • Duration: 180 minutes
  • Tool: 6 Drivers Cheat Sheet

Archimedes said “Give me a lever long enough and I shall move the world”. Motivated individuals put in more effort, try different ways to succeed, are more persistent and work more deeply. Motivation may not be the only factor in productivity BUT if it is not present, productivity is LOW. We will debate carrots and sticks and find out what you have in common with a lightsaber. Take away proven strategies to implement the six key drivers of internal motivation in your own life.

4. Crack the Code – Conditioned Stress Response

  • Duration:60 minutes
  • Tool: Reaction Cycle

The Reaction Cycle© can be our biggest barrier to adaptability and can reduce our chances of overcoming obstacles. When we meet challenges, being able to step out of the cycle allows us to consider alternate ways to tackle things. This creates a chance to improvise and adapt our default response to adversity. Using The Reaction Cycle© we explore ways to challenge our conditioned stress response and discover the power of adaptability.


Method of Delivery

In-the-room, Interactive online, On-demand


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