EQ Essentials Pack (Know Self)

Emotions are present in everything you think, do, and say each day on the job, in your career, and throughout your life. Emotional intelligence (EQ) is how you handle yourself and others. EQ Essentials gives you the self awareness tools to manage your behavior so you can navigate social complexities.

This themed package consists of short modules, each developing a core competency and giving you an actionable tool to practice the competency. Build your own programme by selecting from the short engaging sessions below. ​

1. Rhythm & Recipes – The Emotion and Energy Connection

  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Tool: VET

We can all tap into the wisdom of emotions to supercharge our battery. Discover the role emotions play and how you can own your energy tank.

2. Tame the Croc – Exploring Stress Triggers

  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Tool: TTFR

How does your brain deal with rising stress? Our default responses can form patterns that sabotage us. Explore your reactive and proactive responses to change and choose to act intentionally.

3. Spot The Trend – How MO’s Can Defeat Us

  • Duration: 75 minutes
  • Tool: Modus Operandi

Poet Alexander Pope said: Order is heav’n’s first law”. Much of what is called “intelligence” is our ability to recognise this order in the form of patterns…cycles, sequences, tendencies, similarities, probabilities. But what about finding patterns in our own behaviours? We explore our default MO’s and how they shape the results we complain about.

4. Delve Deep – Our Emotional Needs Matrix

  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Tool: Emotional Needs Matrix

We are deeply encoded for meaning and making connections. The Emotional Needs Matrix will reveal where feelings come from and how this shows up in our daily lives. When the source of feelings are no longer a mystery, you can begin to influence how you show up and how this can shape your world. Once you have seen the connection, you unlock a different reality.

5. Crystal Clear Connections – TFA

The Think, Feel, Act Cycle is a framework that we can use to understand how and why we feel the way we do. And, it’s also a tool that we can use to change the way we think and act. Our brain is constantly thinking thoughts and making judgements about everything around us. We see the world through our own lens. Those judgments influence and sometimes even drive our emotions. Our emotions in turn influence the way we act. Make insightful connections that unlock new understanding in this practical session.

  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Tool: TFA Cards©
Method of Delivery

In-the-room, Interactive online, On-demand


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