Embrace Diverse Thinking – A Practical Guide

We think and react differently for a simple reason – we are different. We have different ways of solving problems, different ways of making decisions and different ways of teaching. Using a special version of the NBI Profile, you will gain insight into your own thinking preferences and preferred teaching style.

  • Unpack the potential for Four Quadrant teaching and learning
  • Develop a checklist for the Whole Brain Classroom
  • Gain insight into different student learning styles
  • Recognize, leverage and value the differences among staff members

Using the well validated NBI Thinking Preference tool, we explore the application of Whole Brain Dominance to teaching and learning.

There are so many tools available to enhance and extend the learning experience. However, learning and development tools are only truly effective if they are tailored to the individual or team. Using the knowledge of Whole Brain Thinking, you can create brain friendly classrooms to match the thinking preferences of all your students.

In preparation for the session you might want to explore the general application of this concept in the NBI Guide to Whole Brain Thinking.


1 Day

Method of Delivery

In-the-room Facilitation, Interactive online


Individual and group NBI Profiles


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