Crazy Crocs – Team Building

When you are up to your knees in alligators it’s hard to remember that the original exercise was to drain the swamp! It’s crazy how quickly we can get caught up in the drama.

When we are faced with changes in our work environment, anything from a new colleague, to a new IT or administrative system, we have a small but powerful part of our brain that kicks in. We consciously or unconsciously begin to defend our territory. We have the same default response when we face uncertainty of any kind in our team. This impacts how we show up at work.

The Crazy Croc team breakaway session is designed to identify and break dysfunctional habits and to build teams with a common language that can outsmart their reptilian brain. The session is fun & interactive and includes some cool team building activities.

Who will benefit? Organisations and teams experiencing any of the following:

  1. Internal changes like shifting expectations, restructuring, merges, new team members, different systems, management shifts.
  2. External changes in industry conditions or clients.
  3. Stressful transitions.
  4. Staff exhibiting negative behaviours like complaining, blaming, judging, competing, fault-finding or avoiding
  5. Teams struggling with accountability

Are you struggling to get employees to embrace new ideas?
Feeling attacked by customers or colleagues?
Battling to make change stick?
Have you heard enough complaining and blaming?

We will identify the crocodile behaviours that form the barrier to productivity, communication & change initiatives and develop reactive strategies for coping with these behaviours.
We will unpack the productivity benefits of psychological safety and create a proactive blueprint for a culture where crocodiles cannot thrive – A No Croc Zone.


1 Day

  1. Carey-Lyn Kurten

    Our instinct is to automatically resist and defend instead of having an open mind and just listen to the situation. It was one of the best workshops I have ever participated in. Everything was absolutely perfect! Thank you! It is going to help our Company.

    Claire Barnes
    Halcyon Financial Services

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