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Finding Momentum

The way we think about and talk about change, impacts our wellbeing. Emotions drive people, and people drive performance. Explore how to use EQ muscles to succeed and ways to create new, more helpful change stories.

  • Find out what makes change work and how to spin the wheel
  • Move from tactical to transformational change
  • Take away practical tips for shifting out of the Cycle of Resistance


Rekindle the Fire

5 evidencepbased strategies for leaders

  • What is burnout and what causes it? How we can move from burnout toward wellbeing (both individual and collective wellbeing)?
  • Respond to Employee Burnout with Emotional Intelligence: 5 Powerful Strategies to apply


Can inefficient thinking be our Superpower in 2023?

Upgrade you capability to meet the future.  Using Living Systems Logic, this session will give participants an opportunity to practice two superpowers that will ensure success in 2023. 


    Organisations only really change when the people in them have changed.

    Using the Six Seconds Change Map© as a framework, learn seven amazing facts about emotions that you should know and how they can support you in navigating change –at a personal, team or organizational level.


      If you cannot go outside – go inside

      We are living in a time of uncertainty and big feelings. How does uncertainty drive us? How can we deal with it?

      • Learn how emotions, and emotional intelligence, help us handle uncertainty
      • Share in Neuroscience and EQ insights to better understand uncertainty
      • Use uncertainty to fuel your growth and purpose


      Most of us are ordinary people. But every one of us has extraordinary possibilities and strengths.

      Everyone stumbles and falls from time to time, but each of us has the capability to get back up and carry on. We call this ability to get up and get going resilience.

      Learn new ways to strengthen your resilience core in preparation for the business year, ensuring you optimise your opportunities.


        When a woman knows her capacity for resilience, she is able to overcome professional, personal and social setbacks.

        How we understand and make meaning out of our life experiences – both good and bad – is complex and important.

        Share in Carey-Lyn’s personal story of resilience as she speaks from the heart. Six key insights from her journey will provide you with practical take aways framed by current research.

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